3D-Air Display Services

3D-Air Display

The latest and one of the most innovative way of marketing & advertising brought to you by Smile on Clouds through our 3D air display solutions.

With our 3D air display tools, we create 3D images & videos which appear to be floating in the air. It instantly catches the audience attention and helps in making your product recognizable.

The images and videos look like hi-resolution holograms to the audience. We provide solutions for businesses searching for making their product stand out from the crowd. We help them with the in-store display and increase their sales. Our content marketing team help in creating amazing videos and images to increase your brand awareness.

With our 3D display solutions, the audience can immersively experience your product and brand. We have our amazing team of experienced and expert individuals on our team who transform simple visuals into multidimensional contents. Our solution helps in stimulating and retaining your audience attention.

Special Events

Say goodbye to the old and boring print images and say hello to the inclusive laser-generated images that look like real from every angle. A special event needs everything new and this is exactly what our 3D air display brings to the table. Add our solution to your event to blow everyone away.

Educational Events

Our 3D air displays provides a better way to keep your audience engrossed and attentive. Our contents are visually stimulating and high-tech which echoes with what you are teaching.

Trade Expos

With the crowd zooming past your stand, how will you capture their attention and convert them into leads? We provide medium size displays for your product to attract people’s attention.


Why just live in one dimension when you can upgrade to a 360-degree view for your brand? We provide excellent setting for boardroom for your presentation to stand out. 3D air displays also helps to WOW visitors and customers.

Financial Institutions

We help financial institutions that serve large corporates as well as individuals. Our 3D air display helps in advertising and showcasing your corporate identity. We offer solutions in a way that normal advertising just simply cannot. Make the correct impression with your clientele from the moment they step in your office.


Our 3D air displays generate and grab audience attention that is in sync with today’s tech-savvy clients. We provide solutions to attract customers which is beyond the reach of classical advertising. An excellent display addition to engaging passers-by.

High-value stores

High value and expensive items often fail to leave their mark with the normal advertising and marketing methods. By utilising our cutting-edge method 3D air advertising is sure to leave a lasting impression of your brand and product.


Need to showcase the new product in a unique way? Our 3D air display does exactly that for you. By adding this creative ingredient to attract customers you can keep your outstanding product, stand out.

We present your brand in the best light

Our 3D air display difference lies in the details. With our expert content creators, our visual effect is more lifelike and believable. We use sophisticated tools to create hyper-realistic images. We also convert simple images and videos into interactive experiences.

Accurate Branding

Our expert Content creator team works with you to make each digital asset in alignment with your brand and image.

Accuracy and Quality

With our data and in-depth research, our team is able to produce imagery and videos which is a faithful representation of your product.

Scalable solution

Our digital assets can be used as a framework for future videos and images. This helps in increasing your brand awareness and reducing the marketing cost.

Our Approach

We are committed to reinforcing our position as the leader in experiential marketing. We uncover brand essence with the correct blend of content, design and technology.

Smile on clouds has always prided itself on being your end-to-end digital marketing solution provider. We help in a wide array of businesses across the country.

We help our clients and customers by empowering their brand & product awareness and exposure within the Indian digital domain. We are proud to present our new 3D air display marketing & advertising solutions.

Our digital team help in giving our clients the competitive edge they require to stand out from the crowd.


Smile on clouds design, to build brand experience with storytelling. This helps in engaging with the audience.


We create valuable, relevant content which attracts, engages customers. It also helps in building loyalty and creating an experience.


We provide solutions with the help of innovative technology. Thus, leveraging the capabilities of your brand with an unforgettable experience.

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