About Us



Smile on Clouds is the latest member of the Sodlan Tech Pvt. Ltd. family. Sodlan Tech Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 2013, by our visionary and hardworking leader Mr Pushpender Sodlan. The Sodlan Tech has established itself as the market leader and trendsetter in its niche market. The company has made meteoric strides in terms of customer service and satisfaction in different markets which includes BPO, Packing & moving, web designing and other arrays of services.

Now, with Smile on Clouds the Sodlan Tech Pvt. Ltd. is serving in the advertising & marketing industry with its own creative way. Smile on Clouds is a fusion of the newest and innovative way to capture and retain crowd’s attention. Our services include the most innovative Floating clouds, Aerial Photography & Videography and 3D-air display.

Smile on clouds provides event entertainment, marketing & advertising with its expert team. Smile on clouds helps in

  • Providing amazement to any event
  • Connecting with the audience with the visual aids
  • Custom branding everything to event professionals
  • Giving the competitive edge to your product and brand

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