Meet Our Director


From his humble outset in a small city of India, from a farming background, Pushpender Sodlan provides a lesson in adaptability and integrity. Through his vision, initiative, persistence, resilience, risk tolerance and hard work, he was able to build the Sodlan Tech Pvt. Ltd. at a very young age, whose services includes: BPO, Packing & moving, web designing, advertising & marketing and event organizing.

His currently running projects include:

And many more coming soon.

Now, the savvy entrepreneur didn’t enter a market that already existed; he created a new one. He made bets on how the current event organizing & advertising market would evolve. He started, first of its kind in India a service business that not only engrosses the audience but also captures those amazing moments for future use.

To quote his words, “Future-focused business strategies always win out over the present-focused ones.”

Mission & Vision in his words

“We want to grow our company by giving high quality and value in floating clouds , drone services and 3D air displays to clients and partners for different industries.”

“We want to continue to be the leader in innovative & experiential marketing and entertainment.”

“We want to help the customers and clients by empowering their product and brand exposure across the country. We are always looking for new and creative ways to improve and expand our services.”

“We are continuously learning and exploring while pushing the boundaries. We understand that what is exceptional today may not be enough tomorrow.”

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