• Q.
    What is Floating Clouds?
    Our floating clouds are made of foam (our proprietary formula) which are designed to fly with the help of compressed helium and air. The foam is made by mixing filtered water and our special concentrate which produces floating clouds.
    Our floating clouds are 100% safe and environmentally friendly. The floating clouds are innovative and get instant attention.
  • Q.
    How far, how long floating clouds can fly?
    Our floating clouds can travel many kilometres before dissolving in the air. Depending upon the wind speed and temperature it can fly up to 10 kilometres and can climb up to 1000m. They fly slowly, therefore they can be seen for quite a long time.
    The average lifespan of our floating clouds is around 40-50 minutes. They are visible from far and sends your message far beyond the place of events.
  • Q.
    Which designs can be made by floating clouds?
    The designs we can provide is virtually unlimited. We have got a creative and imaginative team of experts.
    The most important thing to remember is what are your needs and demands. What type of message do you want to convey?
    Our floating clouds can represent complicated and complex shapes, symbols and letters depending upon your needs.
    For each customer, we make a custom-made stencil for making floating clouds. However, it is advisable not to write more than four characters as they don’t last that long and breaks easily. Also, it will not make much impact.
  • Q.
    How big is a floating cloud?
    We design floating clouds depending upon the subject and the needs.
    We can make very small designs for large icons and logos.
  • Q.
    How many floating clouds do a machine produce?
    Our machines produce floating clouds depending upon the complexity of the design.
    The time period varies around 10 seconds to 40 seconds. Smaller designs are produced faster in comparison to larger designs.
  • Q.
    What is a floating cloud full service?
    Our full-service makes life easy for our customers. They don’t have to worry about anything with our full-service.
    Our price depends upon the number of machines and time period for which you want our service.
    We take care of quick assembly and disassembly with our technical team.
    We also offer complete advice and practical help and support during the event.
  • Q.
    What is the standard setup of floating cloud machines?
    Our standard setup means that the machines will not move during the full-service and event.
    We provide the optimal setup during the event.
  • Q.
    How much space is required for machines setup?
    The space required depends upon the number of machines and the nature of the event. We have different machines which take a slightly different space.
    Our technical team will tell you about the optimal space depending upon your need.
  • Q.
    What are the requirements for floating clouds machine?
    All you need is to book our service for your event. Some space for the machines and electricity supply.
  • Q.
    Are floating clouds available in colour?
    The answer is yes. But the clouds look best in pure white.
    For night events, we can illuminate the clouds with spotlights.
  • Q.
    Can floating clouds be used for indoor events?
    Yes, the floating clouds are quite suitable for indoor events.
    The foam of clouds is quite dry and leaves no stains whatsoever on ceiling and walls.
  • Q.
    Are personnel required to operate the machines?
    Yes, we have our team which is expert in operating these machines.
    They guarantee the event to be technically flawless.
    They keep an eye on the timing of making clouds
    They provide fast assembly and disassembly of the machines.
  • Q.
    What is the advanced time for booking our service?
    We are always ready for any event. But, it’s best if you can book our service 72 hours before the event.
  • Q.
    Are machines noisy?
    Not at all. The machines make a barely audible sound. It is quite hard to hear the noise from a few feet away.
  • Q.
    Will the clouds float over my target audience?
    We place the machines in such a way that the clouds will fly over your audience. The clouds are visible for quite a long time and from a far distance.
  • Q.
    Do you assist in business advertising consultation?
    Yes, we can design and provide you with a program. It will help in your current advertising campaign.
  • Q.
    Are the foam health friendly?
    Our proprietary solutions are 100% cosmetic grade which does not hurt your eyes or skin.

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