Floating Clouds

Marketing and Advertising

Soar over your competition with the floating clouds flying logos. Smile on cloud brings to you the latest and most innovative cloud-high marketing opportunity.

It creates

  • Instant recognition
  • Excitement
  • Buzz

About your product and brand.

It is a very fast way for making your corporate identity visible. You can reach your audience using floating clouds because they are visible from every angle for any crowd size.

Our team of licensed drone pilots helps in capturing those moments which will help in making an awesome marketing content.

If you have got an event, we have got the sky covered!

Be innovative and the first to tap this new marketing medium.


Weddings are the most auspicious and important day in a couple’s life. A bride and groom want everything including the decoration to be of top-notch during the wedding events. Those precious moments should not be missed.

The floating clouds provide peculiar flavour to the wedding experience. People spray harmful foams and aerosols during the ceremony which can cause skin irritations and eye problems.

Our floating clouds are 100% safe and do not cause such problems. On top of that, it even gives a unique experience to the wedding couple and guests. They will remember and talk about your wedding for a long time.

With our expertise, experience and licensed drone team we capture those beautiful moments so that you can live those moments forever.

Birthday Parties

Provide your loved ones and kids with a wonderful experience during the birthday party. The floating clouds makes people happy especially children.

Kids love the clouds designed to look like their favourite characters. When these floating clouds go up in the air, children also jump up with joy and happiness. Capture those moments with our amazing drone videography team.

Our team is not only professional but, they gel quite well with the children. Give your child some more joyous moments during their special occasion.

Outdoor Parties

Bored of the same old gigs in the party where everyone knows what’s coming up next. Take your party to the next level by adding the incredible floating clouds to your parties.

Our team of clever and experienced professionals, provide extra zing to your party. These floating clouds not only captivates your guests during the party but also give them something to talk about, for quite a long time after the party is over.

Why use simple photographers and videographers when you can hire us and capture amazing videos and images from angles unimaginable. Don’t just wait on the sidelines and add this unique gig to your next party.

Product launches

Whether you are a small company or an industry giant, it is always hard to grab people’s attention when you have a new product. It is quite difficult with the traditional product launch methods. Smile on cloud provides the most innovative and pocket-friendly way to get your new product to grab public eyeballs.

Our floating clouds are designed by keeping your product and brand in mind. They get instant attention when they start floating in the air. And, with our amazing drone handler team we capture those moments. This makes your new product an instant hit with the audience. Afterwards, people share this unique experience with friends and family. This spreads the knowledge about your new product. With our professional editors you can get amazing content for brand awareness.

Sporting Events

Want to promote your school, college or office team? Then, you have come to the right place.

Our environmentally friendly floating clouds and experienced team help in creating support for your team. The floating clouds are designed to look exactly like your team logo.

When the floating clouds go in the air, the crowd get really excited and starts cheering for your team. This motivates your team to win that sporting event.

Our team of professionals understand when it is the correct time to create and release the floating clouds.

Those moments should not be missed and with our sophisticated drone and cameras we capture those events.

Why Choose us?

  • Q.
    Why choose floating clouds?
    Are you an event organiser or planner, wedding planner or in charge of planning an event for your organisation? If you are, then you have come to the best place for creating a great event. We have the best fresh ideas and team which knows how to engage the audience.
    We understand that it is very hard to design fun activities using the same old props. People do and see the same gigs at all the events. Give them something new and fresh with our innovative team of professionals and a cloud machine.
    Our wonderful floating clouds creating machines help to capture the attention of every attendee. People who are not part of the event also when seeing these clouds floating in the air, they get a smile on their face.
    You will be able to hold everyone’s attention and by our amazing cloud machines with shapes produced according to your party/ event theme.
    We are engaged in all kinds of events like birthday parties, promotion events, sporting events. Say no to balloons floating, and yes to our new floating clouds.
  • Q.
    Who doesn’t want to be remembered for the event they created?
    It is quite natural before a new product launch that the people behind it are quite worked up. They are tensed whether their product will go viral.
    Whatever is your need, we make them a reality. Promote your brand and company by capturing your audience attention. Contact us, to get instant recognition.
  • Q.
    How will the new product affect the company’s branding and product?
    Our smile on clouds company makes your product instantly recognizable by capturing the attention of the audience. Floating clouds which are customized to look like your company’s logo.
    If you want to generate a buzz and engage crowd then just give us a call or email us. We create a buzz in the modern saturated business world.
    We do it … consistently.
Our smile on clouds floating clouds, stay up to an hour.

Reasons to choose floating clouds

  • Get instant attention of the audience
  • The audience starts talking after the amazing experience
  • People remember the event and product for a long time
  • Makes your product go viral
  • Put a smile on people’s faces

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